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When it comes to events there isn't much that Fulcrum Designs can't cover. From Stage Design to Stage management, we've got it covered!

Stage Design/Installation 

  Regardless of the size of the festival or budget, we can provide a quality installation that is sure to provide a lasting experience for punters. 

Our crew of professionals can transform an empty paddock to a worldclass dance floor in a matter of days. 

By using structural scaffold and truss, our stages are fully engineered and come with a certificate of completion. 

Projection Mapping

We also have a passion for projection mapping!! 

Every stage and installation we create, we plan projection mapping, right from the design phase. 

If it's indoor club gigs, or massive outdoor installations, we've got it mapped! 

Shade Structures and Rigging Services

What dance floor is complete without shade?!

We are able to provide unique shade structures that cater to the clients needs and themes, while also providing adequate shade in the hot Australian sun. 


Above all, our shades are structurally sound according to Australian standards.  

We also provide rigging services - provide the rigging and install you predesigned shade structure.

Project management

Whatever the project we have a team of industry professionals to ensure that your project is completed on time and up to scratch.


Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​

"Andy is a magician 🎩 Fulcrum thinks outside the box to create one of a kind stages that transport you to a happy place on the dance floor."

Erik Emir - Rabbits Eat Lettuce

"A profesional and friendly team, amazing designs achieved on time and with an exceptional attention to detail! I highly recommend Fulcrum Designs!"

Sammy Hodges - Loose Lighting

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